TEI of Crete welcomes you to the “GeoEnviromental Risks and Resources” Masters of Science International Course (GEORR). The MSC is hosted in Chania at the Department of Environmental & Natural Resources Engineering.

The Master of Science Course Geoenvironmental Resources & Risks – GEORR aims to provide extensive knowledge & expertise in the fields of Earth & Environmental Sciences.

The identification, availability, management and protection of georesources is a primary goal for human advancement and a major topic of interest for environmental planning and protection. The sustainable use of georesources and the relief of problems associated with their use, such as the effect of pollution, are issues of fundamental importance for global Earth’s environment. The study and monitoring of geoenvironmental hazards is of fundamental importance for the society both for the effects on the population and the damage caused on the infrastructures.

The geoenvironmental evaluation of localization of high risk industrial sites, of major public works, and the georisk’s safe selection of waste disposal sites, will be everyday a more important issue to save human lives and protect properties.